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February to May 2024 updates

  • We're currently in the process of upgrading the development framework that powers the Management Console to a more modern system. This upgrade is crucial for the continued growth and scalability of our software. As a result, all new feature updates are on hold until we complete this upgrade. Once finished, we'll resume working on new features. Given the complexity of this upgrade, we expect it will take a few months to complete.

January 2024 updates

  • Added ability to hide attachments from the Quote document that the customer can view.
  • Added option to show "Site name" on documents the customer can view.
  • Changed "Country" field to a dropdown on address forms rather than a text box.
  • Added "Year" filter view to "Job and Quotes" and "Events" section on Dashboard.
  • Added address column on Quotes page.
  • Added ability to copy text automatically within the Customer/Site/Contact summary popups when clicking on text.
  • Added Nominal code column to Quote/Job/Invoice items table when account is linked with Xero.
  • Upgraded underlying architecture of software so that it runs in multiple datacentres in different regions to improve both performance and resilience in the event of outages.
  • Implementing advanced firewall rules to further filter requests to software to improve security.

December 2023 updates

  • Added option to "Show week numbers" on Calendar.
  • Added ability to create "Xero Item Code" item custom field which will export to Xero and update tracked item quantity.

November 2023 updates

  • Performance updates in the Management Console related to the retrieving of customer data, improved the loading speed of various parts of the software in particular the "Customers" page and also the loading speed of the create new quote/job/invoice/event pages. These changes will be most noticeable for users that have a large amount of customers in the system.
  • Improved loading speed of the Quotes page, this will be most noticeable for users that have a large amount of quotes in the system.
  • Improved loading speed of the Invoices page, this will be most noticeable for users that have a large amount of invoices in the system.
  • Performance updates for the Job Sheet App, updated the queries used to retrieve jobs resulting in faster loading times on the Jobs page in the Job Sheet App when it is downloading data.
  • Performance updates to Login page, slight improvements in the speed it takes to login to the software.

October 2023 updates

  • Added item import to the Item Repository allowing you to import items using an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Added calendar filters.
  • Added option to edit email template when sending each individual Quote/Job/Invoice.
  • Added option for editing Item custom fields that are of datatype "Number" directly in the Items table.
  • Added ability for engineers to view previous jobs for a customer/site in the Job Sheet App (this setting needs to be enabled on the engineers user account and they need to be running version 14.0.0 or higher of the Job Sheet App).
  • Added top level search item repository option when adding items to Quotes/Jobs/Invoices.

September 2023 updates

  • Added Site custom fields.
  • Added ability to pin customer and site summaries on Create Quote/Job/Invoice pages.

August 2023 updates

  • Added Overdue filter to Invoices page.
  • Change so that a quote revision will show the job that the original quote was created from.
  • Added option to set Nominal code for Quote and Job items that will then get carried over to Invoice items (when integration with Xero is enabled).
  • Added loading spinner to Invoices page.

July 2023 updates

  • Added Billing contact functionality to "Companies" allowing the selection of a Billing contact which will be the default contact used on newly created invoices and also the details that will be exported to third party accounting packages such as Xero.
  • Added Job start date and Job end date as placeholder options to the "Job send to customer" email template.
  • Improved Calendar loading times, mainly noticeable if Calendar contains lots of "Events".
  • Added Calendar loading spinner when switching between dates.
  • Event summary popup now shows links to any Quotes, Jobs or Invoices created from the event.
  • Added icons to Events panel on dashboard to show if a Quote, Job or Invoice has been created from the event.
  • Set "Site Name" to show on Events panel on dashboard.
  • Added link to Customer record from Event summary popup if Event is linked to a Customer.
  • Added "Site name" to address shown on a job within the Job Sheet App (if the job has a Site selected).

June 2023 updates

  • Update to Job Sheet App (version 12.0.2) to improve performance when downloading job data. Images and signatures now download in the background when refreshing the list of jobs. Also signatures now upload individually and only when edited.
  • Set "Owner" dropdown to still show the owner name even if the user has since been deleted.

May 2023 updates

  • Changed so that Quote/Job/Invoice "Sent to customer" and "Viewed by Customer" details always show regardless of the status of the Quote/Job/Invoice.
  • Changed so that "Jobs created" and "Invoices created" always show on a Quote regardless of the Quotes status.
  • Changed so that "Invoices created" always show on a Job regardless of the Jobs status.
  • Added warning message when creating an Invoice from a Quote if an Invoice has already been created from the Quote before.
  • Added warning message when creating an Invoice from a Job if an Invoice has already been created from the Job before.

April 2023 updates

  • Added comma's to separate thousands in currency shown throughout the software.
  • Added "Owner" column to Quote and Job export.
  • Added new knowledge base support documentation: Open knowledge base
  • Added option to change currency to Euros.
  • Added option for read-only Calendar view for engineers in Job Sheet App.
  • Xero integration now live and available on the menu.

March 2023 updates

  • Enabled web browser built-in spellchecker for rich text editor fields.
  • Added Job type to calendar popup.
  • Added Edit on table for Item custom fields that are of type "Checkbox".
  • Added item custom fields allowing you to add you own fields to record data against items, Engineers need to have version 11.0.1 or higher of the Job Sheet App to be able to edit the item custom fields.
  • Added item counts to tabs in Customers, Sites, Quotes, Jobs and Invoices so you can see how many items are within a tab without having to open the tab.
  • Added created and modified date columns to Item Repository.

February 2023 updates

  • Added option to "Hide costs" for user of the Job Sheet App.
  • Added option to "Show prices" for user of the Job Sheet App.
  • Added option to "Disable item delete" for user of the Job Sheet App.
  • Added option to "Disable item qty change" for user of the Job Sheet App.
  • Added "Our reference" and "Address" columns to invoices table and export.
  • Added "Our reference" and "Customer reference" to jobs table.
  • Added "Owner" name to jobs in Job Sheet App.
  • Improved column search functions for Customers, Sites etc to reduce number of clicks required and allow dropdown list to be filtered by typing in box.

January 2023 updates

  • Xero integration beta released (get in touch if you want to join the beta testing).
  • Set persistent customer data on an invoice if it marked as sent or a payment is added to it, this is so that the invoice details will stay the same if the customer address etc is updated at a later date. 

December 2022 updates

  • Resolved line break issue on Android 12 devices which allowed user to press "enter" on keyboard and it would add a new line at the bottom of the text but not move the cursor so the user may have been unaware of the additional line breaks they were adding.

November 2022 updates

  • Added option for sending "completed job" email to owner.
  • Added option for sending "return visit required" email to owner.
  • Resolved issue with "Cancelled" jobs showing on Dashboard jobs widget.
  • Added profit column to Quotes, Jobs and Invoices table.
  • Added caching to Jobs table to improve performance.
  • Added jobs date range filter which defaults to 3 months but any changes to the dropdown are saved for the next time user loads the page.
  • Added image name to image popup for Quotes and Job images.
  • Resolved bug where Map could show two different days jobs if typing quickly into the date field.

October 2022 updates

  • Added expanding notes textbox on checklist items.
  • Added "Previous" and "Next" buttons to quote images.
  • Added quote image thumbnails.
  • Set image thumbnails on quote and job images to update when rotating an image.
  • Set calendar height to height of page if page is over 600px high.
  • Added "Overdue invoices" and "Outstanding quotes" to customer and site summaries.
  • Set "Item repository" to remember any filters applied when creating/editing items.
  • Added "Select all" option for "Show to engineer" on job attachments.
  • Added ability to select multiple engineers when adding time entries in Job Sheet App.

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